Mission Statement

This website, Scaled Planet, exists as a Research and Development platform with a secondary aim to educate on, and market these skills and abilities. The primary tools to be employed are Esri ArcGIS Desktop, Quantum GIS (QGIS), and Mapserver, among others. Other services, like Google Maps or Esri ArcGIS Online, may be employed as they serve some specific research goal. While the primary use of this site will be active and interactive mapping, it will also act as a living document to provide assistance and vision to users.  


"These are catagories of a few of the services I can describe: Technical Support, Best Available Data Compilation, Asset Management, Site Inventories.
Contact me using the form on the right about these or what your needs are."

Aerials as Gifts

Does someone you love have a favorite place? 

Maybe they frequently go on Google Maps or Earth to view what has become of the old neighborhood?
Get them a set of printable images suitable for framing and hanging in the office or den and use in a screensaver slide show for $60.00 US.

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