Aerials - Current and Historical

A lot of projects either require or request Aerials, either as stand-alone exhibits or as background to contextualize the content. Sometimes these requests ask for older aerials, to visualize the development of an area over time. 

Scaled Planet uses the most recent, readily available, unbranded imagery from local, state, and national sources for Current images. Current aerials can be up to three or four years old. Historical aerials are obtained from national archives maintained by USGS, of imagery collected and compiled by many national agencies including NASA, Army, Air Force, and Navy.

Current aerials are mostly full color with a resolution from half meter to two meters, typically one meter (one pixel equals one meter on each side). Historical aerials are either false color infra-red (reddish in color) or blue scale or grey scale with a mix of resolutions. The older an image is the lower its resolution will be, since it was originally recorded on film.

Get in touch through the Contact page to inquire about using current and historical aerials in your next project. They are also great stand alone images to demonstrate how an area of interest has developed, as the examples show.

Imperial Ridge 2011
Imperial Ridge 1971
Imperial Ridge 1957