Mapping and Cartography

Creating base maps and thematic maps from your data including:

  • data collected in the field via GPS.
  • data marked-up on sketches or field maps.
  • non-spatial data stored in text files, spreadsheets and mailing lists.

    Example: Church Relocation. A church was forced to relocate due to an eminent domain procedure. They wanted to identify the location of each member in an attempt to relocate to a site most convienient to all members. Member data was also weighted for mobility/transportation issues due to a high number of elderly members that had typically walked to the church.

    Example: Business Relocation. A business with 50+ employees needed to relocate due to their growth. The home address of each employee was plotted to determine if there was any way to be more centrally located to the current employee locations. Outcome: the employee distribution did not yield any definitive bias in choosing a new location.

    Example: Eminent Domain reimbursment. Have documented hundreds of properties under eminent domain procedings utilizing right-of-way documents and field notes. Prepared documentation of Before and After conditions as well as site designs for Highest and Best Use evaluation. A few sites required 3D visualization to depict the damage to the site. Outcome: All projects have been completed.