"These are catagories of a few of the services I can describe: Technical Support, Best Available Data Compilation, Asset Management, Site Inventories.
Contact me using the form on the right about these or what your needs are."

Technical support 
for ESRI, AutoDesk, and Open Source desktop products. Select forms of server products.

  • Configuation Management: Consists of an initial consultation and configuration evaluation.
    Includes desktop software syncronization. Enable all users to access and/or contribute to a shared pool of scripts, formats, and symbology.
  • Unlimited technical support via phone, email, and instant message.
    "I would rather you contact me early with your issues rather than you spend billable hours looking it up only to call later."
  • Software consultation, installation, and configuration.
  • Semi-annual training meetings.

Best Available Data Compilation
for ESRI and Open Source desktop products. Select forms of server products.
"Know where your data comes from to ensure its accuracy and timelyness. Data from national aggregators like Google, Bing, and even ESRI can be months or years older than the stated date. The date they state is their licensing date, not the actual date of the data."

  • Collect and organize data from publicly available sources.
  • Provide default symbolization from your standards or industry standards when feasable.
  • Will include metadata as provided by the source organization. Abbreviated source information will be added to ESRI LYR files, if utilized.

Mapping and Analysis Contracting

Asset Management
"Quantifing the property holdings of an investment portfolio or corporate holdings"
"Tracking property ownership during consolidation in preparation for large project"

  • Deliverable consists of PDF files of your portfolio ¬†or corporate property holdings along with any data that can be obtained or provided, if desired.

Property/Site Inventory

  • Locate and identify all features as assets that can be quantified on a single site. While it may look like a site survey, this is not a legal survey. Primary uses would be for reporting or marketing purposes. Delivered as PDF or JPG.