Vicinity Analysis

A vicinity analysis covers a much larger geographic area and tends to be demographic in nature.

  • Typically this analysis accounts for zoning and land use, natural and constructed formations, complementary and competitive business proximity, and population.
  • LEED based analysis includes source and disposal of building materials.

Example: Locating a new college campus. Used population data in calculating a population distribution that justified locating a new campus with a client's project boundary. Outcome: The client's project site was selected for the new campus.

Example: Locating potential sand mine sites. Utilized geologic, hydrologic, tranportation, and development data to identify 3 sites that were compatible with sand mining operations. Performed under guidance of a licenced geologist. Outcome: Undetermined.

Example: Political campaign maps. Locate candidate wanted district precinct maps to aid in canvasing scheduling. Included neighborhood/subdivision boundaries as a navigational aid.